Happy Star offers unique lifting capabilities for the heavy lift and project cargo market. The 19,000 tdwt vessel features two 1,100 mt Heavy Lift Mast Cranes which make her ideally suited for the handling of heavy cargoes all over the world.

Given her high crane pedestals and lengthened jib, her lifting height is unrivalled in the worldwide heavy lift fleet. With a beam of 29 metres, the vessel has sufficient anti-heel capacity and stability to use the cranes to their full capacity - 2,200 mt at 21 metres, 1,800 mt at 25 metres, 1,600 mt at 28 metres and 1,000 mt at 41 metres - with a lifting height of close to 47 metres above the main deck.

Stability is guaranteed without the need for a stability pontoon during loading or discharging operations.


At 156 metres long, her length and the forward position of her superstructure provide a single, large cargo hold and a wide, open deck area. With the weather deck extending over the full width of the vessel, her load space can be used to its full potential. She has 8 pontoon hatch covers, with 15 t/m2 carrying capacity over the full length and beam. The tween- deck is adjustable in height and it is possible to sail with open weather deck hatches at a draught of up to 8 metres.

The hull was designed using the latest technology and special attention was given to optimising her powering performance, resulting in a good working speed. Happy Star has Finnish/Swedish 1A Ice Class notation.