BigLift Shipping’s Happy Star and Happy Sky are state of the art Heavy Lift Vessels with combined lifting capacities of up to 2,200 mt and 1,800 mt.

In 2013 and 2014 two Happy S-type vessels joined the BigLift fleet. The vessels were equipped with two Heavy Lift Mast Cranes of 900 mt, which can be combined to realise a lifting capacity of 1,800 mt. In 2018 Happy Star’s cranes were upgraded to 2*1,100 mt, enabling a (combined) lifting capacity of 2,200 mt. The cranes on both vessels are prepared for the mounting of a flyjib, which further extends their lifting height and outreach.

The forward position of the S-type’s superstructure means that the vessels have a single, large cargo hold and a wide, open deck area. Furthermore, the S-types have a notation for open sailing, which provides flexibility for large and high cargoes. The vessels also have Finnish Ice Class notation 1A.

A key factor in the safety and reliability of these super heavy lifters is that the design allows cargo operations to be performed without the use of stability pontoons during lifting. Furthermore, in response to requirements in the market, both vessels’ cranes are built for unmatched lifting height and outreach, offering superior lifting capabilities.